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CLIP AWARDS Winners Announced at PCP May 12, 2013

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Winner Apache Clip Award Sonya Payes

Arno Blax aka Kevin Ballentine Judges


Joshua Rampling Student Awar

Judges comments

Sonia Payes’ winning photograph, Ice Scape Series #13, intrigued the judges

with its clouded, indefinite landscape, with mist floating over a body of water.

What seem to be three dimensional boxes float in the air, seeming to project

from and recede into the image.

This spatial play, between the surface depicted and the apparent depth

of the photograph, makes explicit the process of looking and interpreting.

The viewer moves from the scene shown to the actual photograph as

an object displayed on a wall.

The work borrows from surrealist strategies and reminded the

judges of the paintings or René Magritte, the great 20th century

Belgian artist. He likewise played with reality and illusion, disrupting


the familiar and creating compelling dreamscapes.Payes’ photograph

appears at once to be of a real place and time, and to be a landscape

of the mind.

The judges’ commendation winner, Arno Blax’s Untitled 

two part photograph, or diptych, also leads one to look very closely

and to compare the two images. Both are simple, stark and show scenes

in the desert outside Kalgoorlie, with scrub and rock receding to a horizon

and a bleached blue sky. The only real difference between them is the

forlorn surveyor’s peg which can just be seen in one, but not the other.

It sets up a dialogue between nature—the wide expanse of the desert—

and human presence—the marker peg signposting our exploration and

ownership of even this remote and inhospitable place.

Joshua Rampling’s Untitled, which won the student prize, is of a

dilapidated group of stuffed birds displayed against a painted

backdrop in a museum. This painting, or diorama, supposedly

represents their natural environment yet is eerily contrived and

awkward—just like the bedraggled birds themselves. For the judges,

Rampling’s image pointed to the distance and sometimes discordance

between how we represent the world—as seen in the museum’s diorama

—and the actual, natural world of which this is a mere shadow. 

All three winners connect the natural world and human made
visions of it in rich and compelling ways.

John Barrett-Lennard
(CLIP AWARD judge, on behalf of all CLIP judges)


Exhibition continues

9 May – 9 June 2012



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