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Jodie Bieber Wins World Press Award February 22, 2011

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Photo Jodie Bieber
Photo Jodie Bieber

“Jodi Bieber has won the overall 2011 World Press Photo award for her portrait of Bibi Aisha, the young Afghan women disfigured in an act of punishment (above left). Bieber outlines her thoughts on making the photograph in a brief interview here. Any image selected from over 100,000 entries produced by 5,847 photographers is going to draw its fair share of advocates and detractors.”

David Campbell


Jim Johnson and others have bought into the politicization of the image by TIME magazine and shows effectively how meaning can be changed by the addition of context and text. Aesthetics and style issues have brought out a comparison to Steve McCurry’s photo of an Afghan girl that itself has been recontextualised and used in many different ways and for differing purposes. The debate is a profound one and shows that imagery, its use and context can have baggage attached.

Controlling useage is difficult to say the least.


Stephen Mayes wrote:

No image has a single meaning, and it’s a mistake to suggest a permanent monolithic significance to Jodi’s image just because of Time’s use of the picture. Time’s use was prominent in 2010 and as the image evolves in our cultural awareness this prominence will fade. For example, this very article recontextualizes the image in an anti-war context, giving it a new and contradictory meaning. “Who is using this photograph and to what end?” In this instance it’s Jim Johnson subverting the original use. Neither do I see evidence that the jury ignored alternate meanings of the image. If anything, Jim is at risk of being seen to impose a meaning of his choice on the image, which will itself dissolve as the picture’s significance morphs over the coming years.
Stephen Mayes

15 February, 2011 09:33

nikos efstratiou said:

The aesthetics of Bieber’s image are very similar (if not the same), but not the rhetoric. The rhetoric is documentary propaganda at its best. By this I do not mean what Bieber’s initial intention was, but rather how the image was used, circulated and distributed and in which context.

15 February 2011

Jodie Bieber and Steve McCurry Photos
Jodie Bieber and Steve McCurry Photos


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