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Russian Ambassador to Poland ‘bloodied’ by demonstrators as he attempts to lay a ‘victory’ wreathe in Warsaw May 11, 2022

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Russia’s ambassador to Poland was surrounded by a large crowd who threw fake blood at him while chanting “fascists” and “murderers” on Monday.

Sergey Andreev was in Warsaw to pay respects to the Soviet soldiers who died during World War 2. His arrival coincided with the national holiday known as Victory Day, where Russians still celebrate defeating Nazi Germany to this day.

Hundreds of protesters, furious at Russia’s barbaric treatment of Ukraine, stood in Andreev’s way of the memorial and snatched away the wreath of flowers he wanted to place at the cemetery, where more than 20,000 Red Army soldiers are buried.


The activists trampled on the flowers, before dousing him in red paint from behind and beside him – some of his entourage were hit by the red liquid too.

Some activists carried Ukrainian flags as they surrounded the ambassador, while others donned white sheets also smeared with red liquid. The demonstration clearly meant to symbolise the thousands who have died since Russia invaded Ukraine in February.

The Polish government has subsequently been criticised for not providing more security for the ambassador amid fears that the Kremlin might eject the Polish ambassador from Russia in return, while others saw Andreev’s appearance in Warsaw as a provocation.

Demonstrations in Warsaw have been building since the war broke out – on Sunday evening, activists parked outside the city’s Russian Embassy with a tank carried by a tractor.

Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova hit out against the attack in  the standard Muscovite manner, declaring: “Admirers of the neo-Nazis have once again shown their face.” In effect they treated the Ambassador with intelligent contempt.



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