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Anzac Day Perth 2022 Photos Bohdan Warchomij April 25, 2022

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Why is Anzac Day remembered with respect and affection by the nation?

It is primarily because our military has contributed to upholding democracy and principles since we were forged as a nation.

We have defended democracy against false ideologies  and rushed as peacemakers to conflict zones internationally.

And this precise direction has created a nation that cares for humanity and  the values that have given us our identity

and our respect from the world we live in.

What has caused this growth of our national pride and position? Why is it that, we, in common with other sister dominions, have been accorded a voice in the directing of the policies of the whole world ?

Without the slightest hesitation, we say it is because of the proud and honorable way in which our soldiers left their homes to go across the world and fight the common foe; to their unexampled exploits, both on the cliffs of Gallipoli and in the trenches of Flanders; to the gallant sisters, who were close behind, healing the wounds of the fallen; and to the fine spirit of independence, originality and resource shown by so many of our men, some of whom, like the late Sir Ross Smith, have continued, after the armistice, to make the name of Australia famous.

In all their deeds of gallantry and daring, some have fallen by the way, some sacrifice of precious life has been paid, and it were unworthy of a young nation to claim credit for the deeds of its heroes without honoring those who paid the great price.

It is to commemorate all this that we celebrate, and will continue to celebrate, Anzac Day, a day chosen as the first and perhaps the most spectacular of the great exploits of our soldiers in the war – a simple little story of the scaling of those cliffs, and one which our children must be taught to love with the combined love of a whole nation, and to remember as an example of the high sense of duty held by their fathers.

In a Europe that has been decimated by Putin’s immoral and genocidal war against the Ukrainian nation and its inspirational President Volodymyr Zelensky we can understand the importance of fighting for democracy and for nationhood as the ordinary people  of Ukraine have. The heroic exploits of the Anzacs can be compared to the heroism of the Ukrainian nation. Resisting the cruelty of Putin and his barbaric invaders is an important principal behind courage. The Anzacs earned their reputation just as the Ukrainians are earning theirs. Both armies are reflecting their courage to the  world we live in.


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