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Shadows of Hope March 17, 2021

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Robert Hoey Leader Shadows of Hope

Shadows of Hope is an officially registered 501(c)(3) charity currently operating in 4 global theatres spanning more than a dozen countries.

It  is also suddenly in the mainstream over news of the arrest of a Perth man over  a sniper murder of biker chief Nick Martin at the Kwinana Multiplex. The uncharged sniper engaged with Shadows of Hope in Myanmar and  with organiser Robert Hoey working on an ethnic operation. The organisation labels itself as the ‘world’s most dangerous and fearless charity.’

In a Facebook post, the former SAS soldier said of the meeting: “It was love at first sight. I tracked them down and offered my skills. They accepted me into my ranks. And now here I am, surrounded by sacred kin, those willing to put everything on the line for others.

Robert Hoey, leader of Shadows of Hope, defended the alleged killer, and claimed that he had “suffered and bled for those who were most vulnerable.”

“The actions of one of our members who is being questioned for the alleged murder of an Australian gang leader was not a Shadows of Hope operation, ” the American said.

“we have no knowledge of the alleged crime and offer no support or judgement of this crime.”

“Our members have earned their right to privacy and their actions off duty do not reflect our organisation,”

Shadows of Hope

With a uniquely skilled core of volunteers that fluctuates between just a few to over a hundred members, Shadows of Hope draws its labor pool not from overseas specialists, but from local experts. This allows for rapid deployment and a broader view for the past, present, and future impact of operations. This also helps cut down massively on costs as well as communication times.

Using local resources and expertise allows for the continuation of operations beyond what any one organization could hope to accomplish using so few people in such an austere environment. It also grants Shadows of Hope unheard of connections, from authorities in the highest government office to lowly pirates and thieves, securing friendships for prospective operations in the future and a way to avoid red-tape when lives are hanging in the balance.

Shadows of Hope currently has more than 500+ contacts in almost 30 countries employed in countless professions, ready to act when an official field operative hits the ground.  Shadows of Hope is nevertheless in the limelight because of the arrest and a household word in West Australia.


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