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Australia Day 2020 Photos from Birak Concert Bohdan Warchomij Metaphor Images January 27, 2020

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Elder Herbert Bropho at Birak Photo Bohdan Warchomij

Australia Day is under siege yet people still want to celebrate it. The Birak Concert in Supreme Court Gardens provided a voice for Aboriginal rappers like Sam Bennell and Little Mase on conscience issues (like changing the date of the day on the grounds of reconciliation and national healing) was well attended and celebrated by both black and white citizens of this country, and the Perth Fireworks visual spectacular attracted hundreds of thousands.

Photo Bohdan Warchomij

A thumbs up from Josh at the Birak Concert Photo Bohdan Warchomij

Photo Bohdan Warchomij

Photo Bohdan Warchomij

Photo Bohdan Warchomij

Photo Bohdan Warchomij

Photo Bohdan Warchomij

Changing history by rewriting it unfortunately has a poor track record. Russia, or the political system that was called the Soviet Union, introduced us to the rewriting of history. Each year its encyclopaedias were rewritten as  scapegoats for political mistakes were dispatched to Siberian gulags for their crimes. They became non persona. The Soviet system collapsed in the 1990′s and the countries within returned to tribalism and nationalism in a twentieth century solution to humanity’s problems.

First time rapper Sam Bennell with a message Photo Bohdan Warchomij

Messengers at Birak Photo Bohdan Warchomij

A more meaningful solution is to progress the Uluru Statement – the recognition  of indigenous Australians in the Constitution  and the creation of a First Nations Voice, an advisory body to help guide the Federal Parliament on indigenous issues. This is creating history, and not rewriting it, a process which only becomes divisive and counter productive.

Aborigines like elder Herbert Bropho, at the Birak Concert with an aborigine flag draped over his shoulders, only want to be recognised and to belong to a valid and civilised process.

A view of the Australia Day Fireworks from Elizabeth Quay Photo Bohdan Warchomij



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