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RODIN FZero July 29, 2019

Posted by bohdan.warchomij in : Metaphor Online , trackback

David Dicker, an autodidact founded Dicker Data in 1978, a distributor of computer hardware. It listed on the ASX in 2011 and is now worth about $830 million. Pushing limits is something he is fond of. The 66 year old has a new project in hand. He has set himself the task of building, and making commercially available, a track car faster than any in Formula 1, and then making a road version of the same one-seat, fighter plane on wheels concept.

Named after the sculptor Rodin because “The Thinker encapsulates the whole concept that a car is the result of thought” the car is set for testing in September with a 4 litre, V10 engine. It will weigh half as much as a hatchback. It is being produced in a series of sheds in NZs South Island. The decision to work in NZ is part of Dicker’s libertarian style. He says “I got sick of living in Australia because it is an authoritarian shithole.”



“The FZed brings a level of performance and precision that is not available in any other new track car. We know of nothing else that comes close. The performance level is above any other single seat racing car. The FZed offers an unprecedented level of driver challenge and potential satisfaction. However, this satisfaction doesn’t come easy. The car offers a challenge that will be mastered only over a period of time. At Rodin, we believe the FZed offers the highest driving challenge and the greatest potential joy of anything available new. Price USD $615,000, excluding taxes, duty and delivery.”

Dicker insists that Rodin is a commercial venture, not a vanity project. He believes people will be hooked by the FZed and then by the even quicker FZero. I want one, although that is a bet against reality. I wish David Dicker the best of fortune.


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