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Paul Caporn: Perpetual Delays and Re-receptions at Art Collective WA April 12, 2019

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Paul Caporn // Perpetual Delays and Re-receptions

Paul Caporn

‘The works in this exhibition are originally drawn out of a video installation exhibited in 2000 at PICA. The structure of the screen consisted of a large, broken, cloud-like form constructed from steel rod polygons that you could walk through. Unlike geodesic structures, the polygon tiling of this architectural screen was irregular and random.

During the development of this work I became fascinated by mathematical tiling, particularly Penrose’s aperiodic types. Although I still don’t completely understand the maths, I am drawn to the possibilities of repetitive simple shapes creating a visually complex surface.

10 years later I was commissioned by the City of Perth to create a repetitive line work to be applied to the road around the Northbridge Piazza. The divided, rectangular prototile developed for this unrealised commission is the field from which these works have grown from.

Although influenced by the landscape and architecture these work are fed more through an intuitive process, grounded by a formal, non-objective position with a refusal to have any sense of a fixed meaning.’

Paul Caporn, 2019


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