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Tetyana Dyachenko Ukrainian Digital Photo Artist March 1, 2019

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Ukrainian digital photo artist Tetyana Dyachenko skillfully brings damaged and seemingly destroyed photographs back to life. Her retouching talents, attention to detail, and unwavering patience are each apparent in her impressive portfolio of restored vintage photos.

Using Photoshop, Dyachenko is able to expertly reverse even the most severe damage. She can smooth creases and wrinkles, mend tears, erase water damage, correct color imperfections, and even patch up extensive holes and missing pieces. Even if a piece hasn’t suffered any substantial damage, she often freshens up the inevitably faded pigmentation, improving the aesthetic quality of the photo as a whole and allowing the subjects’ smiles and stares to finally shine through once again.

On her website she shows her specialised digital work for magazines and photographers who need aesthetic enhancement of their photos as well.

 Dyachenko uses her talent for a range of restoration projects; with no single speciality, she can transform formal portraits, family photos, and everyday pictures from any era. If you have an old photo of a loved one in dire need of touching up, you can contact Dyachenko (and see more of her unbelievable work) on her company’s website.


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