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Japanese Fireworks January 2, 2019

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The Japanese word for fireworks, hanabi, means “fire flowers”, which seems particularly fitting when you look at these illustrations from the late 1800s of Japanese fireworks bursting into life.

Taken from catalogues published by the British company CR Brock and Co (now Brocks Fireworks), they advertised the wares of Hirayama Fireworks and Yokoi Fireworks and have recently been digitised and put online by the Yokohama city library.

Check out the Brock’s website and the delightful historical photos and moving images on display there.


The founder of Hirayama, Jinta Hirayama, was among the first to incorporate brighter colours into Japanese pyrotechnics (previously they emitted only subdued oranges), boosting their beauty and appeal. In Japanese culture, fireworks are highly valued partly because they are so transient, like real flowers.


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