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New Years Eve Photos from Sydney January 1, 2019

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Sydney is one of the first cities on earth to ring in the new year, but revellers around the famous harbour could last night have been forgiven for winding their clocks back.

As a spectacular fireworks display lit up the sky at midnight, a giant typo was beamed onto a Harbour Bridge pylon telling the crowd it was still 2018.

An estimated 1 million people braved stormy conditions in Sydney to catch a glimpse of the show, which was expected to be watched by more than a billion people around the world.

City of Sydney’s Anna McInerney oversaw the planning of the fireworks and said she saw the funny side of the mistake.

“We just laughed about it, you know these things happen as we said, it takes 15 months to organise an event of this size and scale,” she said.

“Obviously we weren’t pleased but look you move on, you just get back to doing the show, wrapping things up and making sure all of the logistics and operations that have to happen after the show happen as flawlessly as they need to.”

People took to social media to highlight the gaffe.

Sydney is hard to compete with visually. The iconic harbour bridge, the water and the Opera House are aesthetic marvels. The $6 million invested in fireworks sweetens the deal.


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