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A Look into the Future: Students support Climate Change Action at Parliament House Perth Photos Bohdan Warchomij November 30, 2018

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Elsa Fuentes-Hare. a graduate of Melville Senior Hight School, provided us with a look into the future at Parliament House today.

She was inspired into activism by Swedish student Greta Thunberg who said that because politicians were ignoring climate change facts they were creating problems for the children of the present. This simple realisation prompted Greta  15, to protest in the most effective way she knew. She went on strike, refusing to go to school until Sweden’s general election on 9 September to draw attention to the climate crisis. She has inspired similar protests in Australia and beyond.

With a personal message to Prime Minister Scott Morrison Elsa clearly and logically has given him an understanding of the value of Australian education: “So when ScoMo tells us to scrap activism for learning, I think I have grounds to posit that he has perhaps misunderstood the purpose of learning. Maybe, instead, he could take pride in the fact that students in his country have attained the level and type of education that empowers them to think with autonomy, and, I dare say, in the face of his inaction, a little audacity.” For Elsa education has been a process and a gift which has enabled her to ask quintessential questions. She is now asking for answers from adults who have been frightened to ask the right questions and that includes Prime Ministers.

The Climate Action Network that Elsa is a part of, brings high school students together to support each other and learn new skills. This can help students run campaigns like Switched On Schools, to supercharge the transition to 100% renewables in their own schools as well as meeting a community of peers.


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