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A Day in the Life of Wyndham Photos Bohdan Warchomij August 20, 2017

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Everytime one runs into a new town or city the antennae switch on. Wyndham is a welcoming town. I feel comfortable immediately. Wyndham is the oldest and most northern town in the  Kimberley region of Western Australia and it is empty of humanity. Located on the Great Northern Highway 2,210 kilometres (1,373 mi) northeast of Perth. It was established in 1886 as a result of a gold rush at Halls Creek, and it is now a port and service centre for the east Kimberley with a population of just under a 1000 people.

It seems trapped in time and Dixie Ferguson’s Bric-a-Brac shop is possibly unique in Australia, selling art work and carved boab nuts, displaying royal paraphernalia and an obsession with Princess Diana. It is the the only shop open in the main street and Patterson’s Hotel stands opposite derelict and shuttered. Literally it is the pub with no beer and has been closed for some time and awaits a new entrepreneur to bring it back to life.

Most of Wyndham’s population is at the races for the Wyndham Cup, dressed to the nines and in party mode. There are four jockey’s only at the meet and only four horses per race and when the racing stops the two up begins. The energy is good natured, fuelled by four XXXX and joy as the sun sets in a deep red sky.


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