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Warnum Photo Bohdan Warchomij August 8, 2017

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In Warnum with Tura New Music and renowned composer, performer and sound artist  Jon Rose for a performance with the local Aborigine  community to create a new work in the WRECK series.

Collaborating with local musicians, artists, dancers, percussionists, crane drivers Jon is in the process of creating a musical instrument from a car wreck donated by a local man named Richard.

Fence wires strained across the wreck adorned with car bonnets that remind me of the Sydney Opera House and 44 gallon drums that will be struck by percussionists will create a unique work that will travel to Perth eventually.

Jon’s influence as a innovator has an international reputation. He has an uncanny ability to see the musicality in everyday activities and in the landscape and encourages an expansion of our personal oeuvre.


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