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MH17 Third Anniversary of the Downing of a Passenger Jet in Ukraine over the separatist held village of Hrabovo July 17, 2017

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Photo Copyright Bohdan Warchomij

Australian Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop yesterday renewed her vow to bring the killers of 38 Australians on board Malaysian flight MH17 en route to Kuala Lumpur to “justice”.

She called on Russia to cooperate with current moves to prosecute the suspects in the Netherlands, which she said (according to Joe Spagnolo Political Editor for the Sunday Times) was an”opportunity for the truth to be revealed.”

Photo Copyright Bohdan Warchomij

Well intentioned rhetoric but a naive take on the realities of Russian international politics which have consistently denied involvement in the launching of the Bukh missile that destroyed the plane.

Photo Copyright Bohdan Warchomij

Pavlo Gubarev Separatist Photo Copyright Bohdan Warchomij

Sitting in a flat in the centre of Mariupol on the banks of the Caspian Sea as the news came to light I listened to recordings on the internet of separatists reporting on the incident and questioning those on the ground in Hrabovo whether the jet was a military plane with weapons on board.

That in itself was enough of an admission of guilt for me and the next morning I booked a taxi driver to take me and two English videographers on a complex five hour trip to the site of the carnage.

The road into Hrabovo was pot holed and difficult to traverse and we slowed to a crawl and talked our way onto the site through various check points and were given carte blanche to walk though the fields  full of white flags designating where bodies or body parts were strewn. In any other part of the civilised world this would have been a closed crime scene but here even the local villagers were wandering through the fields.

Photo Copyright Bohdan Warchomij

I was probably the first Australian photographer on the site and the shredded plane and its engines were still smouldering near the village and the photos I took were unpublishable in Australia. News Limited printed a full page story with the most sanitised of the photos I submitted. In a state of shock I spoke to various news outlets from the site, the ABC, SBS, and Sky News amongst them.

I hardly remember what I said in those interviews but the photos themselves are unforgettable.

It has been a long journey and a long process to the court rooms of the Netherlands.

Despite the confidence of Julie Bishop  I question whether there will ever be closure in this case.

I don’t believe Russia will ever come to the party and take part in the court process.

The tactics of ignoring international opinion have worked for Russia on many many occasions, in Chechnya, in Crimea, in Donetsk and in Syria.

It will certainly be the same story in the court houses of the Netherlands.

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