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Kevin Ballantine PHOTOGRAPHS 1986-2001 Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery Curated by Sally Quin April 30, 2017

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Kevin Ballantine Photographed by Bohdan Warchomij

Kevin Ballantine’s PHOTOGRAPHS 1986-2001 provides an insight into a mysterious sculptural world on the edge of the Indian Ocean. The series list includes

Cup City 1983-1985

Cottesloe Beach 1988

Beach Pictures 2000-2001

Town Pictures 1989

Protest Pictures 1986-1990

Great Eastern Highway 1989

Photo Bohdan Warchomij

His collaboration with curator Sally Quin has successfully created an exhibition which looks at a world that is somewhat empty and alienating and references links to an international universe that is somehow impinging on and connecting with an isolated Western Australia.

It helps explain to us the vacancy of commercialism and naive corporatism through the billboards and advertising that his photographs capture. There is a sense of unease in many of the photos, bodies in the water look to the horizon, people  stand like statues in clusters, searching for the mythical race that is so far off to sea that it is practically invisible. The people in Ballantine’s photos are outsiders, with no sense of belonging to the world they are part of.

It is a powerful look at a world that has passed by, a capsule from the past, perfectly legitimate and intact in Kevin Ballantine’s vision.

On Saturday 6 May at 2pm Kevin Ballantine will participate in an artists’ talk at the Lawrence Wilson Gallery.


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