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The Legacy and the Ecstasy: The West Australian Election Result. March 12, 2017

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Stephen Price with family and supporters claiming victory in Forrestfield Photo Bohdan Warchomij


Sunday Times political journalist Joe Spagnolo wrote in this morning’s paper: ”

In the end, WA voters had one simple message for the Liberal party: ‘We don’t like the company you keep.”

I have absolutely no doubt that a decision by the Liberals to get into bed with Pauline Hanson’s One Nation largely contributed to this bloodbath.

The deal was seen for what it was. Opportunistic and poor, poorly executed. It smacked of desperation.”

He also wrote a warning to the incoming premier.

“I love elections. I love democracy. Because in the end the people always get to choose who they want to govern.

The bottom line is this. McGowan and Labor have four years to do what Barnett could not.

If he is all talk, and no action, West Australians can turf him out in four years time.

These are challenging times and McGowan must now show that he has what it takes to be premier.”

Political commentator Peter Onselen wrote in the same paper in an article Barnett’s historic leadership legacy to stand the test of time ” He will go down in WA’s political history as one of the State’s most significant figures.”

He lists Colin Barnett’s achievements: his support for the mining sector through infrastructure development during tough economic times internationally, the lifting of restrictive trading rules, the new stadium and Elizabeth Quay.

Photo Bohdan Warchomij


Achievement is never enough in the world of politics. Sentiment is also important. Labels like the ‘Emperor’ and the ‘dictator’, an out of control budget,  the Pauline Hanson factor, all contributed to a perception that there was a need for change.

John Day and Ken Wyatt watch polling results Photo Bohdan Warchomij

There is a lesson in this for all politicians. Labor won this easily with a lacklustre, unimaginative campaign.

Being in the hot seat of government will change the focus quickly and Mark McGowan and his team will need to learn quickly and provide responsible and effective government.

Photo Rebecca Le May AAP




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