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Selection of Photos from 2016 that Made an Impact on our World January 19, 2017

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Photograph Sergei Pomaranov Refugee crisis Image from Lesbos Greece

2016 has been an astonishing year. From the refugee crisis to the destruction in Syria, to the forgotten war in Ukraine, to the horrific acts of terrorism in Europe, to the anarchy of politics, to the swing to right wing politics, to the medical inferno created by the Ebola crisis, the documents that photographers have captured continue to define the increasingly medieval world that we live in. The images are impossible to rank in any intelligent way. They have a power to affect us and although World Press continues to select and acknowledge  individual photographers for their achievements it is the collective psychological  map that they create that defines photojournalism and the history of the world we live in.

Here are some images that have affected my world.  Ordinary people have been affected by these political events and have taken an active stand in the name of humanity.

Demonstrator Ieshia Evans is detained by law enforcement as she protests the shooting death of Alton Sterling near the headquarters of the Baton Rouge Police Department in Baton Rouge, La., on July 9, 2016.

Photo Jonathan Bachmann

Photo Vadim Ghirda Refugee Child Syria Conflict

Photo James Nachtwey Refugee Crisis

Photo Christopher Morris Trump family at US Republican election rally

Photo Daniella Zalcman North Dakota pipeline confrontation

Photo Mary Turner/Getty Images Brexit

Photo Daniel Berehulak/Redux Images Jimji, 6, cries out in anguish, saying “Papa” as workers move the body of her father, Jimboy Bolasa, 25

In the words of Daniel Berehulak: A New York Times assignment

This is Jimboy Bolasa’s funeral. It was on a Sunday, a week into a 35-day assignment in the Philippines photographing President Rodrigo Duterte’s brutal anti-drug campaign that have claimed thousands of lives.

There were two funerals that day. We’d followed up with the family of one victim. His body and that of a friend had been found under a bridge. As we made our way back, we decided to stop to the second funeral. When we arrived Bolasa’s family was about to start walking to the church and that’s when I heard the wailing and the piercing screaming coming from inside the wake. I followed the shrills in the tented area. Jimboy’s daughter, Jimji, was there and she didn’t want to leave the side of her father’s casket. She just kept on yelling, screaming: “Papa. Papa. Papa.” The coroners took his casket away and for close to half a kilometer, as they made their way to the church, a family member held Jimji. She kept on screaming until she was overcome, fatigued.

Warren Richardson: World Press Photo of The Year

Photo Kevin Frayer

Photo Corentin Fohlen



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