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Bangladesh in the Piazza May 7, 2010

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A long awaited collaboration between Photo Media students at Edith Cowan University and the Pathshala: South Asian Media Institute is screening publicly in the Northbridge Piazza from Monday 10th May 2010 from 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm.  Participating photographers are Jacinta Buick, Olivia Davies, Mahani Del Borrello, Anni Fordham, Emma Gianotti, Alex Hong, Sarah Landro, Rebecca Mansell, Belinda Minogue, Nagvelu Nagabushnam, Deidre Noon, James Simmons, Janina Snowsill, Jacquie Warrwick.                        Norm Leslie Photomedia Coordinater and Duncan Barnes Photo Media Lecturer were instrumental in the organisation of the exchange and this is a great opportunity to share the experiences of these photographers in Bangladesh.                                                                                                                                   piazza_invite textBangladesh in the Piazza

Bangladesh in the Piazza

Photojournalist Students to Bangladesh January 17, 2010

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Bangladesh photography has been in the news recently. The growth of Chobi Mela, a festival of photography in Asia, images of work from Bangladeshi photographers in Andy Levin’s 100 Eyes Magazine, the winning portfolio Living Stone by Bangladeshi photographer Khaled Hasan that was announced as the Centre For Documentary Photography Award Winner have opened up our eyes to the talent and potential within Bangladesh.

The growing connection between the Edith Cowan University Photomedia Faculty and Pathshala, the South East Institute of Photography is an important  link between Austalian and Bangladeshi tertiary institutions and exemplifies the growth of photography in both countries.

Following the success of the initial first link project between the Edith Cowan University Photomedia Faculty and the Pathshala: South East Asian Institute of Photography for the 2008 Summer School, this year, fourteen top ranking ECU Photomedia students are going to Dhaka in Bangladesh from 7 January to 8 February. The ECU students will attend classes and conduct in-field work in collaboration with Pathshala students. New York based Picture Editor Tina Ahrens will supervise the first week of learning before students are sent out to cover their individual projects. The project culminates with an exhibition at the Drik Gallery in Dhaka and there will be another in Perth in April at Spectrum Gallery. At this stage it looks that the focus topic will be the rivers of Bangladesh.

Lecturers Duncan Barnes and Norm Leslie with students heading to Daka, Bangladesh
Lecturers Duncan Barnes and Norm Leslie with students heading to Daka, Bangladesh

Tina Ahrens

Tina Ahrens

Born in Germany. Studied film and photography at London Guildhall University in London, UK. Organised “snap ’n roll” photo exhibition in Cape Town, South Africa, and curated parts of the “Portrait Africa” exhibition at Haus der Kulturen, Berlin, Germany. Worked as a photo editor for GEO magazine in Hamburg since 2000. Travelled extensively in Asia and parts of Africa. She now lives in NYC, working as a photo editor at GEO’s New York office. She is a member of the photography board of the National Geographic AllRoads program.
Was guest photo editor for the new issue of OJO DE PEZ #8 “The fall of nature” (published in October 2006).

Emerging CDP Photographer Award January 9, 2010

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The CDP Emerging Documentist Award

The Centre for Documentary Practice has announced Khaled Hasan as the winner of the first CDP Emerging Documentist Award, sponsored by Canon Australia. Hasan’s story, Living Stone, documents the lives of a community of stone labourers in Jaflong, in North Eastern Bangladesh.
Living Stone was selected by judges Paul Fusco, Ed Kashi and David Lloyd who commended Hasan for his “beautiful and hauntingly powerful photography about a compelling story” and the way he “used the language of photography to make us feel and understand the lives and land of the people”. The prize, a Canon EOS 5D Mark II Premium Kit, donated by Canon Australia, will allow Hasan to continue his social activism through documentary practice.
There were over 250 entries for the Award, documenting important social justice issues across the world.  Although these stories document injustice in this world, it was heartening to know that there are so many passionate and committed people, looking to give a voice to the marginalised and the vulnerable.

Living Stone Photo Khaled Hasan
Living Stone Photo Khaled Hasan

Living Stone by Khaled Hasan

This story from Bangladesh is about the community of Jaflong, which is located in North-Eastern Bangladesh. During the monsoon, the river currents wash down precious rocks and pebbles from India into Jaflong. At dawn everyday more than a hundred boats with labourers aboard enter the Piyain River, buckets and spades in hand.
The stone haul from India is decreasing and the labourers run the risk of invading the ‘no man’s land’ along the Indo-Bangla border. Many labourers have been killed by the Indian Border Security Force. Over 5000 men, women and children are engaged in stone labour with no legal or human rights protection.
The Bangladeshi government has failed to take any measures to prevent the stone crushing industry at Jaflong and the high erosian rate, which threatens the villages of the Khasia (indigenous people) in the area.  Uncontrolled stone extraction and crushing poses a serious threat to public health, the environment, and agriculture in the area