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Media Storm November 18, 2015

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Photo Patrick Brown

Patrick Brown is an Australian photographer based in Thailand.

His work on the wild animal trade in the world has been published as a book “Trading to Extinction” and a film by Brian Storm of Media Storm. Media Storm on the 16th of November celebrated ten years in business and The Atlantic paid tribute to their amazing multimedia work with a special report by Alan Taylor.


Marking a Decade of Quality Storytelling

MediaStorm, a film production and multimedia design studio located in Brooklyn, New York,  celebrated its 10th anniversary on November 16. Founded by Brian Storm, the studio produces films large and small, targeted to many types of screens and audiences, and has picked up numerous awards over the years. I had the privilege of working alongside Brian years ago, when we were both at MSNBC.com. I was a web developer, and would hang out in the multimedia area often, inspired by the quality of the images, wondering why our competitors weren’t making  their visuals as beautiful and compelling—and I can partly trace my current career path as a photo editor right back to those days of inspiration. Photographer Ed Kashi, who has worked with MediaStorm on a number of projects had this to say, when I asked him for a few words about the studio: “From its inception, it set the standard for multimedia and today as the medium has evolved closer to short form documentary work and more video-only structures, they continue to be a leader. Their commitment to excellence and always innovating and upping the standards are hallmarks of what they do.”