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West Australian Election turns dirty: Photos Bohdan Warchomij March 10, 2017

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POLICE were called to the Paddington Ale House where protesters were disrupting an event being hosted by One Nation leader Pauline Hanson who started her evening with a Sky News interview.

Accusations of racism and fascism were liberally and passionately dispersed through doggerel political chants by the protesters who were well organised.

One Nation supporters egged the young protesters on through out the protest.

Senator Hanson, who is in WA as part of a week long campaign ahead of the State Election on Saturday, held a Pizza and Pots event inside the Mount Hawthorn pub for her supporters.

There were reports of punches being thrown outside the hotel after about 50 protesters gathered outside the pub at about 7pm and that at least one person was taken away by police. There were confrontations between the protestors and One Nation supporters who were separated by police.

Police said that two people were issued with move on notices but no arrests were made.

Robert McPherson Metaphor Images: A finalist in the Jacob Riis 5th Documentary award March 3, 2017

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Photos Robert McPherson/Metaphor Images

Congratulations are due to Robert McPherson.

Robert McPherson/ Metaphor Images: Robert is a finalist in the Jacob Riis 5th Documentary award
A short series from Robert McPherson’s latest trip to Nepal from a  brick factory Kathmandu. 

Photos Robert McPherson/Metaphor Images

Story description: 

600,000 homes were destroyed by the earthquake that struck Nepal in April 2015. The demand for bricks to rebuild new houses increased, and child labour is involved in rebuilding the country.

In Nepal 28,000 children are engaged in child labour.

Children who work at brick factories breathe in dangerous red dust that circulates in the air.

One consequence is chronic bronchitis.

Children die yearly in relation to accidents in the workplace.

Besides long hours and heavy work, the brick factories have consistently poor sanitation facilities that also lead to other diseases.



FAUSTO PODAVINI  (Rome, Italy), for his Series MiRelLa.

Australia’s INGETJE TADROS  (Broome, Australia)

was a finalist

for her Series Kennedy Hill

Covering the Ukraine invasion: Anton Skyba for the Globe and Mail February 27, 2017

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In 2004 I was lucky to work for the Globe and Mail for Mark McKinnon and Jeremy Page during the Orange Revolution in Ukraine.

It was the opportunity of a lifetime for a freelance photographer, confronting history and working for two amazing journalists.

It kicked off a long free lance career for me that has led me back to Ukraine regularly to astonishing scenarios and opportunities to share on the scene realities. Reporting on the downing of Malaysia’s MH17 in Torres was my most recent and most traumatic experience.

Mark McKinnon continues to report on Ukraine for the Globe and Mail and correlates the connection between the inauguration of Donald Trump as US president and the newest outbreaks in the eastern frontline of Ukraine. Photojournalist Anton Skyba has contributed extensively to Mark McKinnon’s latest report.


“It was six days after the first official phone call between U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin that a rocket destroyed Nina Zharekova’s kitchen.

Nobody was hurt, Ms. Zharekova whispers, peering up through the hole left when a Grad rocket, fired by Russian-backed separatists positioned just a few kilometres away, tore through the roof of the modest home she shares with her daughter and five-year-old grandson. “But it’s a miracle we’re alive.”

A relative quiet had reigned for months along the swerving front line between the Ukrainian army and the separatists who control two enclaves along the Russian border. But the day after the Jan. 28 call between Mr. Trump and Mr. Putin, the regular rattle of small weapons in Ukraine’s Donbass region was replaced by the thunder of artillery, tank and rocket fire, all of it in violation of a 2015 ceasefire agreement.

It’s almost as though someone is trying to test the rookie U.S. leader – by roughly tripling the level of violence – to find out where he really stands on the three-year-old war in what used to be Ukraine’s industrial heartland.”






In 2014 a young reporter Anton Skyba spoke excitedly in Lviv about his experiences on the frontlines in eastern Ukraine. He described Russian-backed separatists shelling villages and sending civilians running for their lives.

“I can’t believe this is happening in my homeland,” said Anton Skyba, who runs a small information agency and had never covered a war before. He is lucky to be alive.

When he ventured into territory held by pro-Russian forces, he was captured, beaten and accused of spying, he said. After being held for several days, he was turned over to another rebel group, which freed him.

Skyba recalled these events during the November 2014 Media Forum held in Lviv, Ukraine, near the Polish border. The crowd was abuzz with reports that Russian troops and tanks were pouring over the border. Four months later, Business Insider included Ukraine on its list of the world’s 15 worst war zones.

“Our journalists are not experienced war correspondents. They are not ready for this,” said forum organizer Ostap Protsyk. “[The Russian invasion] is the biggest story for us. Our media have to cover it.”

Skyba’s story echoes a harrowing trend of local journalists switching from education, politics and crime beats to reporting on the violence in their back yard when conflict strikes. Many have paid dearly.


The Committee to Protect Journalists reports that nearly nine in 10 work-related fatalities since 1992 involved journalists covering news in their own country. More than 95 percent of journalists jailed worldwide are local reporters, photojournalists, bloggers and editors, according to CPJ.

After the Lviv Media Forum, around 40 members of the Ukrainian press corps gathered for a workshop on safety tips. Among the advice:

With the 2015 Global Risks report listing international conflict as the greatest threat to world stability over the next 10 years, the realities of 21st century conflict underscore a key point: The need for safety training for journalists has never been greater.

Global media watchdogs have compiled resources and guidelines for journalists covering conflict. Here is a sampling of what’s available online:

Street Party in Northbridge City of Perth for New Years Eve Photos Bohdan Warchomij January 2, 2017

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Quiet celebrations in Northbridge posed few problems for police and paramedics as revellers turned up in smaller numbers and behaved themselves  at Perth’s Northbridge Piazza, Latin American dancers made a video at sunset at  Scarborough Beach to promote an approaching  dance festival in April and young women took selfies of themselves at midnight to record  the approach of a new year.

Business as usual.

Happy New Year 2017.

Mother Theresa Now A Saint of Calcutta Photos Bohdan Warchomij September 7, 2016

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I took these photos in 1997 just after Mother Theresa’s death in the city that was synonymous  with her charity.

I worked in her hospices, and her orphanages and her clinics and on the streets for a period of six weeks after meeting Perth sister Sister Ella,

who inspired me to take the trip to Kolkata. It took time to organise the trip and Mother Theresa had passed away by the time I got there.

Her successor Sister Nirmala and her entourage were swamped by the world’s media at the time but I was given access to Mother House and volunteered

wherever I could with girls from Germany, France, and the USA and walked the streets of the City of Joy with them when their day’s work was finished. I worked with an NGO called Calcutta Rescue founded by a wonderful man called Jack Preger in 1980.

These photos remind of the spirituality I felt at Mother House and formed the basis of my first and only exhibition at the Perth Centre for Photography when it shared a space with the Blue Room in Perth’s Cultural Centre.



Finlandisation Juha Tolonen: Artist’s Talk Art Gallery of WA September 2, 2016

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Finlandisation is a series of landscape photographs that focus on the seemingly disparate landscapes of the Swan River hinterland and Lapland. While contrasts exist, Juha Tolonen’s new work also displays a surprising continuity.

Drawing from his adopted and ancestral homes of Australia and Finland his photographs reveal lands that are both alien and familiar.

Arranged in diptychs and triptychs, multiple viewpoints are used to contrast or to expand a scene. Tolonen never quite settles on an iconic view, but instead surveys the land inviting us to seek out recognisable elements through content, composition and arrangement.

Home is, after all, a place where we are surrounded by the familiar. But, due to forces both internal and external our picture of home is never quite complete. It’s this shifting view of what and where we call home that runs across Juha’s work.


Juha Tolonen (b. 1968, Geraldton, Australia) is a photographer, lecturer, researcher and writer. He is an Adjunct Lecturer at Edith Cowan University in Australia.

His work has been exhibited in major photography galleries around Australia including Australian Centre for Photography in Sydney and Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne. His work has been exhibited internationally in the China Pingyao International Photography Festival. In 2012 he was awarded the biannual City of Perth Architectural Commission. In 2015 he was a Visiting Researcher at Aalto University in Helsinki, in the Department of Art.

His work has been published in leading photography journals including Photofile. He is the co-author of Photography and Landscape published by Intellect Books.

He currently lives and works in Lapland, Finland.

Register for artist’s talk here: http://www.artgallery.wa.gov.au/exhibitions/wa-focus-juha-tolonen.asp#talk

Second Anniversary of MH17 : a story from the Telegraph by Maxim Tucker KIEV, Ukraine July 20, 2016

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Photo Bohdan Warchomij Metaphor Images

When aviation lawyer Jerry Skinner stopped by his suburban Cincinnati office last Christmas, he found the door ajar and the interior trashed. The files for his latest lawsuit, on behalf of victims of the Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 crash, were missing.

“They didn’t take anything else but they turned the rest of the office inside out,” he remembered. “The police couldn’t say who did it – whoever came into the office was careful.”

Thirty days earlier, the white-bearded, friendly-faced lawyer had issued a threat. Weighing up all the available photographic, video and witness evidence, he decided that the missile that blew the passenger jet apart mid-air, killing all 298 people on board, must have been a Russian one. And that it had been fired from rebel-held eastern Ukraine by soldiers ultimately under the command of President Vladimir Putin.

“I wrote to the embassy of the Russian Federation and to Vladimir Putin that I intended to bring an action against them – unless they wanted to sit down and talk – and I wanted to hear from them within 30 days,” he said. “Thirty days passed and I got robbed.” Mr Skinner suspected he was being targeted by Russia’s foreign intelligence service, the SVR. His computer was repeatedly hacked. Threatening voicemails accumulated on his answerphone.

So three days after the burglary, he quickly and quietly packed his remaining files and moved office in the dead of night. He changed his phone number and hid from public view as he built a case for his clients – 33 relatives of 16 Australian and Malaysian passengers who died after the plane crashed from 33,000 feet onto the black earth of Ukraine’s war-torn Donbas region.

Only now, with his lawsuit lodged last month at the European Court of Human Rights and hearings likely to begin later this year, has he emerged to publicise the families’ claim and call for more relatives to join the case.

He hopes that public pressure, combined with a report on the findings of an international criminal investigation into the MH17 tragedy due in the autumn, might encourage the Kremlin to come clean.


Maxim Dondyuk Book Project on Kickstarter July 4, 2016

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Photo Maxim Dondyuk Culture of the Confrontation

Maxim Dondyuk has shared his photos of the Ukrainian Revolution in Euromaidan with the World.  The Culture of the Confrontation, as he has named his testament to Ukrainian History now has a Publisher, Kehrer Verlag Heidelberg Berlin.

The images are astonishing. The photography is powerful as is Maxim Dondyuk’s support for his Kickstarter campaign:

“With this book we want to immerse you in the events of revolution, and to awaken your strongest associations and emotions. There will be photos, artifacts, recreated map of Maidan, introductory texts, my interview and other things. I think, ‘Culture of the Confrontation’ will be of interest not only to those who love photography, but also to Ukrainians who live far from their Motherland. They can take a small part of Maidan to their homes and to share it with their families and friends.

Guys, right now I’ve launched the Kickstarter campaign, to raise the money for the book. We have 30 days to raise the full sum. If this Kickstarter campaign is successful, the photo book ‘Culture of the Confrontation’ will be available in fall 2016. Remember, Kickstarter is all or nothing! But I believe, with your help we’ll do it.

So, you are welcome to visit our Kickstarter page for more information, check the rewards, do what you can afford. For those of you who will be the first, there are special prices for the books  :)  And don’t forget to share our Kickstarter page! I’m sincerely grateful for your support!”


Photo Maxim Dondyuk Culture of the Confrontation

“The Book

For one year I’ve been working on the book together with a designer from Germany, Yevgeny Anfavov. Together, we want to create not an ordinary book with a set of pictures, we want to immerse you in the events of 2013-2014, and to awaken your strongest associations and emotions.

We recreated a map of Maidan, collected artifacts,  and paid attention to the tactile experiences we lived through while choosing paper and cover materials. I want this book to be of interest not only to those who are familiar with the revolution, but also to those of you who know very little or even nothing about it.”

Photo Maxim Dondyuk Culture of the Confrontation

Hi! My name is Maxim Dondyuk. I’m a documentary photographer from Ukraine. I’d like to talk to you about my first photo book called ‘Culture of the Confrontation’.

Photo Maxim Dondyuk Culture of the Confrontation

The Story

The book ‘Culture of the Confrontation’ is about the revolution in Ukraine 2013-2014, known as Euromaidan. It started as a completely peaceful demonstration on Kiev’s Independence Square (in Ukrainian ‘Maidan Nezalezhnosti’) against the decision of the former President of Ukraine to suspend an integration deal with the European Union. A few dozen of people, a few tents and banners. No one expected it would grow into much more.

Photo Maxim Dondyuk Culture of the Confrontation

When I came to Maidan for the fist time on December 1, 2013, I was sure that everything would be over by the next morning. I didn’t have the slightest idea where it would lead and that I would spend the next three months there – three months of bloody clashes, tears, fear, Molotov cocktails, burning car tires and deaths.

Photo Maxim Dondyuk Culture of the Confrontation


After searching for over a year, we were fortunate to meet an agreement with a German publisher Kehrer Verlag that will publish and distribute the book. So, if this Kickstarter campaign is successful, the photo book ‘Culture of the Confrontation’ will be available in fall 2016.


Photo Maxim Dondyuk Culture of the Confrontation

So, this is where you come in. With your help I need to raise the money to cover the cost of a high quality production and design of the book, including the elaborate choices of special materials that will turn this book into a very special object.

So have a look at the variety of ways to participate in the project. Do what you can afford. Through you and your support I will be able to present this book to the world.

And from the bottom of my heart Thank You!

Book Details

How will the funds be used


Photos from the project ‘Culture of the Confrontation’ have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions around the world: Musée d’Art Moderne (Paris), Somerset House (London), MAXXI, National Museum of XXI Century Arts (Rome), CAB Art Center (Brussels), International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum (Geneva), Voices Off Festival (Arles), Visa pour l’Image (Perpignan), Checkpoint Charlie Museum (Berlin), FOTOISTANBUL (Istanbul), and others.

Photo Maxim Dondyuk Culture of the Confrontation

Camera Story Showcase at the State Theatre Centre March 15, 2016

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Camera Story was created in 2013 by co-founders Jacqueline Warrick and Sarah Landro. Since that time the team has grown to involve a solid group of professional photographers and photographic artists who dedicate their time and experience bringing the art of photography to people everywhere. They work locally as well as internationally.

Sarah Landro, Jacqueline Warrick, Rebecca Mansell Camera Story

This year Camera Story are sharing the camera story with the world. Camera Story International will see the team travel to Jaflong in Bangladesh and Ladakh in the North Indian Himalayas to encourage the kids in these communities in vocational camera skills, creative expression and participate in an international art exchange with the children of Western Australia. To raise funds for this endeavour Camera Story hosted a silent auction and exhibition on Sunday March 13 at 4pm in the underground foyer at the State Theatre Centre (Perth).

To place a bid or to contribute to Camera Story visit 32auctions.com/camerastory

The Camera Story Showcase is exhibiting the work of some of Perth’s  photographic artists in a beautiful location.

Juha Tolonen joins Metaphor Images February 22, 2016

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Juha Tolonen (b. 1968, Australia) is an artist, lecturer, researcher, writer, photographer. He is an Adjunct Lecturer at Edith Cowan University in Australia and a Visiting Researcher at Aalto University in Helsinki, in the Department of Art. He currently lives and works in Lapland, Finland.

Wastelands is a journey into abandoned and transient spaces in Australia and Europe. Over a number of years Juha Tolonen travelled with a large format camera to record some of the unusual ways that buildings decline, and the more unusual ways that space is reordered.

A common practice is to transform abandoned industrial sites into modern centres of consumption. Old industrial centres often find new life as shopping centres. But family fun parks in abandoned nuclear power stations and the prospect of a European wilderness in Chernobyl reveal that landscape is never a finished project, nor what we always expect.

Large format photography has had a long association with architecture and landscape. It expands detail and corrects perspective, often recording more than we can actually see, compelling us to look longer.

It is a pleasure to welcome him to Metaphor Images.