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Wold Lion Day at Perth Zoo August 10, 2019

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Young lionesses Uzuri and Makeba were surprised by zookeepers with presents filled with herbs, perfumes and scents of other animals which they  tore into

ahead of World Lion Day which will be celebrated at the Perth Zoo today. They emerged cautiously into the open observation area and looked at the media contingent

and the excited school children before turning to the ice blocks and meat thrown into the area by zookeepers.

Perth Zoo is committed to safeguarding a future for big cats and hope the Perth Community will join the the World Lion celebrations at the zoo today.

Senior Zookeeper Becky Thomasson said: “It will be a fulfilled day for an important cause – to raise awareness about the plight of lions.”

Most people do not realise that in theist 25 years, we have lost half go the world’s lion population due to hunting, the exotic pet trade and unsustainable tourism practices. Devastatingly,

lions are now extinct in 26 African countries and there are fewer than 20,000 individuals left in the wild.”

“This makes the work we do more important than ever before,”said Becky. “Lions are in such peril that zoos around the world are working together to ensure we have sustainable populations in the care of good zoos, providing a safety net against extinction.”

Uzuri and Makeba arrived in Perth from Taronga Western Plains Zoo to help rebuild Western Australia’s lion pride.

World Lion Day celebrations will commence at 9am near the lion exhibit. Activities will include keeper talks, bookable Eye to Eye lion activities, craft activities and face painting.

Tami Xiang: PEASANTOGRAPHY – LUCKY 88. Cool Change Contemporary Gallery Perth 3-24 August 2019 August 6, 2019

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The Peasantography project is a series of works that addresses social issues in China caused by the household registration system (Hukou).  In 1955 the household  registration system was introduced

to classify all people in the country as either agricultural  (rural) or non-agricultural (urban). These classifications differentiate people’s rights and privileges. The registration system manages access to

employment, education, healthcare and the right to move to another city.

In rural China, the elderly are experiencing an increased set of problems. Due to rapid urbanisation, they have lost touch with their home communities. People in rural areas lack survival skills in the modern world.

Tami Xiang Artist

As they get older it becomes increasingly difficult for them to do heavy physical work and to sustain an income. Older people have increased risk of illness and because rural social insurance is not adequate

their lives become increasingly difficult when faced with substantial medical problems.

The pension system provides little to rural pensioners.  Recently the amount received was raised to 66 RMB (AU $18). The products in the photographs by Tami Xiang were bought with the monthly pension amount.

The photographs of the elderly pensioners whose age range lies between 65 and 90 years of age  were taken as indicators of the social position that the pensioners find themselves in.

The pensioners have experienced and survived the historical movements such as The Great Leap Forward (1958-1961) during which 30 million people died of starvation, and the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976)

which caused violent cultural consequences and resulted in massive numbers of people dying during the chaos of change.

In Chinese tradition certain numbers are believed to be auspicious, especially the number 8. Number 88 symbolises fortune and good luck in Chinese culture.

Tami Xiang is a Perth based artist who is currently undertaking a PhD by research at the University of Western Australia. She has exhibited in mainland China, Taiwan, Australia, France and the US.



RODIN FZero July 29, 2019

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David Dicker, an autodidact founded Dicker Data in 1978, a distributor of computer hardware. It listed on the ASX in 2011 and is now worth about $830 million. Pushing limits is something he is fond of. The 66 year old has a new project in hand. He has set himself the task of building, and making commercially available, a track car faster than any in Formula 1, and then making a road version of the same one-seat, fighter plane on wheels concept.

Named after the sculptor Rodin because “The Thinker encapsulates the whole concept that a car is the result of thought” the car is set for testing in September with a 4 litre, V10 engine. It will weigh half as much as a hatchback. It is being produced in a series of sheds in NZs South Island. The decision to work in NZ is part of Dicker’s libertarian style. He says “I got sick of living in Australia because it is an authoritarian shithole.”



“The FZed brings a level of performance and precision that is not available in any other new track car. We know of nothing else that comes close. The performance level is above any other single seat racing car. The FZed offers an unprecedented level of driver challenge and potential satisfaction. However, this satisfaction doesn’t come easy. The car offers a challenge that will be mastered only over a period of time. At Rodin, we believe the FZed offers the highest driving challenge and the greatest potential joy of anything available new. Price USD $615,000, excluding taxes, duty and delivery.”

Dicker insists that Rodin is a commercial venture, not a vanity project. He believes people will be hooked by the FZed and then by the even quicker FZero. I want one, although that is a bet against reality. I wish David Dicker the best of fortune.

MH17 Fifth Anniversary of the Downing of a Passenger Jet in Ukraine over the separatist held village of Hrabovo July 17, 2019

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Photo Bohdan Warchomij

This is a tribute to the victims of MH17 and a reminder of the immorality of the perpetrators of this crime. No matter how it is rationalised, or denied, the truth is obvious and needs to be acknowledged.

It is the fifth anniversary of this crime and as the investigation continues the black mark of evidence becomes more entrenched and irrefutable. Denial is no longer an option.

It’s really a time for quiet reflection. There will be missed birthdays. The lost opportunity to watch children or grandchildren growing up. There are family reunions that will no longer take place.

The passage of five years today since the attack on MH17 doesn’t change too much say the families who lost loved ones.

The anniversary will be marked by a quiet protest at the Russian consulate in Woollahra. No chanting. No banners. That’s despite the fact that Dutch investigators last month named four Russian men who were to be charged with murder. Of course, the families would like justice but accept it may be a long time coming.

A statement from  six Australian families, three Malaysian and the one New Zealand family will be read out today. Together they grieve and speak for the people on MH17.

They will also call for the Russian government to cooperate with the investigation, take its share of the responsibility and to “stop your disingenuous denials, your lies and deceit”.

“Five years on, our grief is less raw but no less deep. The sudden and violent death of the ones we love pervades our lives. We are different people now,” the statement reads.

Photo Bohdan Warchomij

Hannah Reyes Morales: A Philipino Photojournalist July 16, 2019

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Hannah Reyes Morales is a Filipina photographer and National Geographic Explorer whose work documents tenderness amidst adversity. Her photography, both visceral and intimate, takes a look at how resilience is embodied in daily life. Based in Manila, Reyes Morales’ work explores the universal themes of diaspora, survival, and the bonds that tie us together.



Publications include: The Washington Post, The New York Times, National Geographic, Al Jazeera, The Southeast Asia Globe, Newsweek Japan, CNN Philippines, and The Atlantic.


The Candid Frame Interview

Red Devils in Perth Photos Bohdan Warchomij July 16, 2019

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Photo Bohdan Warchomij

Thousands of international visitors from more than 30 countries have descended on Perth ahead of English Premier League giants Manchester United’s arrival for two matches at Optus Stadium.

To celebrate Manchester United‘s historic visit,  the Eliza statue in the Swan River will be wearing a ManU jersey and the iconic Blue Boat House in Crawley turned red with a red silk mantle and a Manchester United flag flying. The power of social media and its impact on the number of tourists, visiting the boat house, (predominantly from China and Singapore) was astonishing. The drawing power of Manchester United drew Singaporean tourists despite the club stopping briefly in Singapore after its visit to Perth.

Paul Kane Getty Images Photography working on his social media images

The Red Devils  arrived in Perth  (July 8) with a party of more than 100 personnel, including their entire first team squad, ahead of two matches against A-League premiers Perth Glory this Saturday (July 13) which they won 2:0 and traditional rivals Leeds United on Wednesday week (July 17).

It will be the first time the club has visited Perth in more than 40 years and was made possible after the McGowan Government secured the major event through its $425 million commitment to Tourism Western Australia for events and marketing.

Crown Towers Photo Bohdan Warchomij

More than 21,000 international, interstate and regional visitors are expected to attend the two matches and provide a mid-winter bonanza for hotels, restaurants and tourism operators across Western Australia, as well as helping to create jobs.

Ticket purchasing data shows that people from the United Kingdom will provide most of the international visitors.

The data also reveals that large numbers of supporters from New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and the United States of America along with fans from the Czech Republic, Netherlands and Indonesia have bought tickets, a testament to the worldwide pulling power of Manchester United.


Trading Day at Leederville Town Hall July 5, 2019

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Photo Bohdan Warchomij

There is a sense of optimism and exploration at the photography swap meet as pioneers and apprentices gather to explore and sell their wares in the majestic old town hall in Cambridge Street Leederville.

Photo Bohdan Warchomij

There is also a sense of friendship and an exchange of ideas between young and old at this well established Photo Market.

Photo Bohdan Warchomij

MH17 Suspects, Charges, Prospects and the Road to Prosecution June 20, 2019

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• Igor Girkin – ex colonel of the Russian Federal Security Service. • Sergey Dubinskiy – ex military officer of the Russian military intelligence service. • Oleg Pulatov – ex military officer of the special units of the Russian military intelligence service. Leonid Kharchenko is the only Ukrainian national accused

Four men – three Russians and one Ukrainian – will be charged in relation to the shooting down of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, which killed all 298 passengers and crew on board.

Photo from Hrabovo Bohdan Warchomij Metaphor Images

Dutch prosecutors will launch a criminal trial in The Hague on March 9, 2020. But the accused are beyond the jurisdiction of the court, and will most likely be tried in absentia.This means the accused will not be physically present in the court room.

The prosecutors argue the four accused were jointly responsible for obtaining a BUK TELAR missile launcher (a launcher for self-propelled, surface-to-air missiles allegedly owned by the Russian military) in the city of Kursk, and launching it from Ukraine.

They say the four men are responsible for the atrocity because they had the intention to shoot down an aircraft, and obtained the missile launcher for that purpose.

While investigators have not accused any suspects of actually firing the missile, they say in future they may identify others with that responsibility.

For the victims and their loved ones, these Dutch criminal trials present the best hope of legal acknowledgement for the tragedy.

The MH17 atrocity

Photo from Hrabovo Bohdan Warchomij Metaphor Images

On July 17, 2014, flight MH17 was travelling from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur when it was shot down over Ukraine.

The Joint Investigative Team (JIT), led by Dutch authorities and comprising investigators from Malaysia, Australia, Belgium and Ukraine, concluded in 2016 that the flight was shot down by a Russian BUK missile.

The JIT identified the launch location as a field in eastern Ukraine, which at the time was in territory controlled by pro-Russian fighters.

The countries central to the investigation – including Australia, which lost 38 people – and the victims’ families have explored a range of legal strategies to assign blame for the attack.

Then Foreign Minister Julie Bishop initially proposed a war crimes trial for MH17, but this was vetoed by Russia in the UN Security Council.

Some civil claims on behalf of victims’ families are ongoing before the European Court of Human Rights.

And hearings are ongoing before the International Court of Justice, where Ukraine seeks to make a case against Russia. Ukraine cites the MH17 atrocity as characteristic of broader Russian aggression and lack of respect for Ukrainian sovereignty and independence.

Who are the accused?

Photo from Hrabovo Bohdan Warchomij Metaphor Images

Three of the four accused are Russian nationals, believed to be living in Russia.

Igor Girkin is a former colonel in the Russian security service. At the time of the atrocity, Girkin was the minister of defence in the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic, a pro-Russian separatist region of Ukraine.

The other two Russian accused, Sergey Dubinsky and Oleg Pulatov, are former Russian military intelligence agents who worked under Girkin.

Leonid Kharchenko is the only Ukrainian national accused. Investigators are not certain of his current location. At the time of the atrocity, Kharchenko led a separatist combat unit.

Photo from Hrabovo Bohdan Warchomij Metaphor Images

Photo from Hrabovo Bohdan Warchomij Metaphor Images



Brad Rimmer: Don’t Look Down June 18, 2019

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Signed Book + Signed Print: Brad Rimmer: Don’t Look Down


**LIMITED TIME ONLY: SIGNED Book and signed Print*
Signed print Aletsch Glacier printed Offset printed in CMYK 240mm x 170mm, printed on 300gsm Symbol Matt Plus. Signed by the photographer on reverse of print.

Book Size: 195 mm wide × 261 mm deep
Pages: 68 pages
Binding: Hard Cover
Publication date: 2019
ISBN: 9780987305091

From ancient times to the present, the Alps have had mythological, spiritual and romantic significance. Recognisable peaks, like the Matterhorn, have become trademarks for chocolate companies and the like; their rugged profiles filtering into our everyday lives, even in places far away. Over the past century, advances in engineering have made access to viewing platforms easy in the Alps, and now thousands of tourists line up to photograph these scenic vistas every day. For his series Don’t Look Down, Rimmer sought to alter these views, and thereby question the experience of what we already know in our collective memories. By deliberately inverting the image into an unnatural colour palette, the landscapes become foreign and unsettling.

Brad Rimmer is an Australian photographer who works on long-term projects of portraiture, landscape and social documentation. Based in Fremantle, he seeks to uncover the human within often alienating everyday environs. He is the author of three photo books with T&G Publishing: Silence (2010), Don’t Look Down (May 2019),  and Nature Boy (September 2019).

In 2009, Rimmer received a Mid-Career Fellowship from the Western Australian Department of Culture and the Arts to publish Silence. Subsequently, the Art Gallery of Western Australia acquired the entire Silence exhibition of 30 works; which curator Dr Robert Cook described as, ‘One of the most important bodies of images about Western Australia made to date.’

In 2017, Rimmer received the Artsource / Atelier Mondial residency in Basel Switzerland. The images created during that time form the basis for Don’t Look Down.

Nature Boy (2019), set in the Western Australian Wheatbelt where Rimmer grew up, is a personal visual narrative, derived from the cultural idiosyncrasies of place, identity, belonging, and memory.

Numerous national and corporate art collections have acquired Rimmer’s work, including the National Gallery of Australia, the Wesfarmers Collection, Artbank, St John of God Health Care and Murdoch University.

Brad Rimmer is represented by Art Collective WA: www.artcollectivewa.com.au

Text by Paola Anselmi
Paola Anselmi is an independent curator and arts writer based in Perth, Western Australia. Over 25 years she has held curatorial and research roles at several prestigious art institutions and collections including the Art Gallery of Western Australia and the Centre for Contemporary Art Luigi Pecci, Prato, Italy. A PhD candidate at the University of Western Australia, her research focus is Western Australian photographic history. She is a regular contributor to Australian arts publications on Western Australian contemporary practice and has published numerous exhibition catalogue essays.

Under The Shield: Inside Chornobyl’s New Safe Confinement RFE/RL’s Ukrainian Service Andriy Dubchak It has been two years since a giant steel shelter was slid into position over Chornobyl’s crumbling radioactive ruins. RFE/RL’s Ukrainian Service takes a rare look at operations inside of the containment. June 18, 2019

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Under The Shield: Inside Chornobyl’s New Safe Confinement:

With HBO releasing a new and dramatic documentary on the events involving the world’s biggest nuclear disaster these photos by Andriy Dubchak are a sobering reminder of the reality of nuclear exclusion.

Chornobyl has been spelled using Ukrainian language spelling rather than Russian language spelling.

Thanks to Radio Free Europe for this post. This two year old steel barrier made by a French company is the latest attempt to contain the nuclear disaster that still impacts Ukraine.